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About EEMS

Energy & Environmental Modeling and Solutions, LLC (EEMS), specializes in the areas of clean energy generation and its efficient utilization, particularly in:

Mathematical modeling and optimization of energy generation at fossil power plants, central heating plants (CHP) and distributed generators, as well as of energy utilization by industrial, commercial and municipal users including:

  • Operation of energy generators at power plants and CHP according to conditions at energy distribution systems and end-users

  • Operation of distributed generators (emergency generators, industrial and municipal boiler rooms) according to tariffs and energy end-users operation including operation of distributed generator under free energy market conditions

  • Energy use by industrial and municipal users (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and domestic hot water supply)

  • Tracking facility energy management using US EPA Portfolio Manager tool
Environmental protection technologies, including:
  • Various technologies for reduction of sulfur- and nitrogen oxides emitted from fossil power plants and distributed energy generators;

  • Technologies for reduction of greenhouse gases (GHG) and carbon emission credits trade in the framework of the Kyoto Protocol.
Coordination and carry out of joint projects in the US, Eastern Europe, Russia and Ukraine with partner companies listed below:

  • Innoventive Power (USA) - projects on modeling and optimization of energy generation and utilization under free energy market conditions
  • Ellison Consultants (USA) - projects on abatement of sulfur-nitrogen- and carbon oxides on fossil power plants
  • EnerCon Solutions (USA) - projects on energy efficiency of commercial enterprises and hospitals
  • E3 International (USA, Eastern Europe) - projects on energy efficiency and emission reduction from energy plants and municipal facilities
  • Institute of Engineering Ecology (Ukraine) - projects on energy efficiency and GHG reduction in the framework of the Kyoto Protocol
  • Konsenergo (Russia) - projects on energy efficiency and new technologies for energy generation

EEMS consultants use standard, widely-known models and computer programs (DOE 2.3, EnergyPlus, US EPA Portfolio Manager, etc.), as well as specifically developed statistic and dynamic optimization programs and models including physical-chemical, thermodynamic and economic optimization parameters

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In fact, EEMS is a conglomerate of consultants who joined together to complete specific customer tasks.

Every consultant is an expert in a certain area of technologies (reduction of sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides emissions, reduction of GHG generation and trade of carbon credits, etc) and has extensive experience working with large engineering and consulting US companies.

All consultants have solid and well-established business relations with leading technology developers and manufacturers in the US and in Western Europe. This structure allows small groups of highly-qualified specialists to collaborate in solving of the customer´s specific task providing:
  • Detailed analysis of the current situation
  • Recommendations on selection of relevant modern technologies
  • Assistance in development of technical specifications
  • Connection to technology manufacturers
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